Evilyn Fierce

SocietySM is all about the tragic beauty in the helpless faces of its lovely amature and professional models...Every model is stripped and manhandled, gagged and tortured, blindfolded and left alone under sexual and painful distress! Unique methods of restraint, along with traditional rope bondage from several San Francisco Bondage and Shibari experts! Original devices and ideas you will only find on SocietySM, served in huge doses of photos, video clips, and streaming movies each month...

On days like this, I almost feel guilty...almost...a sweet, young, smokin hot 19 year old at my leisure...I wanted to get nice and comfy with Evilyn so I planned a day of bedroom bondage...I really just wanted to get her spread out on the bed and if I had my way, she would still be there...I get them each for such a short period of time...the world is an unfair and heart-wrenching place...I tie her up and direct her to hop into the room...I inspect and undress her slowly...I rig the spread on camera and I revel in her immobile nakedness...I slip my finger into one of the tightest pussies I have ever felt...talk about heart-wrenching...I tease her clit with orgasm denial...she gets pouty...she turns out to be quite a tough girl...I whip her spread body and rubberband her soles and inner thighs extensively...and that's how it goes for Evilyn...tight, restrictive bondage at the whims of someone twice her age and ten times as perverted...But I do eventually let her cum and our Fierce model learns that even orgasms can be a punishment...Ogre


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